Alex McLean
President, Director of Player Development & Recruitment

Alex started his powerhockey career in 2003 and has excelled, receiving numerous awards for his play. He has competed at many tournaments, most recently representing Canada at the 2019 Australian Powerchair Hockey Club Championship and 2018 IWAS World Championship. Having a background in paralegal education, he brings a thoughtful approach to the league. Alex is a co-founder of PowerHockey Toronto.

Meghan Hines
Vice President, Director of Fundraising

Beginning in 1999, Meghan found her love for powerhockey instantly. Her skills on the court have been rewarded with several awards and championships throughout her career, most notably representing Canada at the 2019 Australian Powerchair Hockey Club Championship and 2018 IWAS World Championship. Meghan’s knowledge in the finance and human resources sectors make her a formidable asset to the organization. Meghan is a co-founder of PowerHockey Toronto.

Philip Langford
Secretary, Director of Operations

Involved with the sport since 1994, as a coach Philip has seen the tremendous impact the sport has had on both players and volunteers alike. Philip worked in the insurance industry for 40 years and lends a methodical mindset to the league.

Randy Desaulniers
Treasurer, Director of Finance

Being the father of a powerhockey player, Randy has seen first-hand the benefit and good that the sport brings for the para-athletes involved. Having worked in the finance world for 40 years, Randy offers his expertise and experience, managing the finances of the organization.

Emmett Britton
Director of Marketing & Communications

Emmett began his coaching career in the sport in 2008 and has honed his skills, leading his teams to numerous championships both in house league and at tournaments through selfless commitment, compassion for his players & friends, and a drive to succeed. Emmett studied Sports Management at university and looks to pair it with his passion for the sport. Emmett is a co-founder of PowerHockey Toronto.

Kirk Ashman
Director of Community Partnerships

Kirk’s involvement in powerhockey began in 1994. As a veteran player he is able to offer his years of experience at various levels of play coupled with a mentorship perspective for younger para-athletes. Leading by example and having a “team-first” mentality has been an integral part of his success both on the floor and in his professional career in the financial services sector. Kirk recently represented PowerHockey Canada at the 2019 Australian Powerchair Hockey Club Championship.

Colin Keddy
Director of Communications

Colin has played powerhockey in Toronto since 1998 and has been strongly committed to advancing the sport since that time. As a player, Colin has participated in many Canadian and North American tournaments and has received recognition several times for his significant contribution to the league. He has worked on varying types of statistics for the league, as well as developing and managing league websites and content since 2011. Colin has been an integral behind-the-scenes member of our organization.

In Memoriam

Paul Desaulniers

In December 2021, PowerHockey Toronto lost our beloved President and Co-Founder, Paul Desaulniers. Paul was an integral member of PowerHockey Toronto, serving as a player, coach, board member and President throughout his time with the organization. Paul began playing powerhockey in 1998 and for 19 years competed both locally, nationally, and internationally, winning several championships along the way. He was been involved with the management side of the sport since 2011 and started coaching upon retiring from playing in 2017. His leadership and experience proved invaluable to the growth and development of PowerHockey Toronto. Paul’s passion and dedication for our sport were evident to everyone who had the opportunity to know him.

Though no longer here physically, we know Paul is with us every time our players step out onto the floor, cheering on his friends and reveling in how far we have come as a powerhockey family, much due to his tireless efforts to the betterment of our league and sport. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Paul for giving us the opportunities we have to come together once a week and not only play hockey, but for the friendships we have been able to make and the community we have built. His legacy will live on every time we drop the ball at centre court.